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A three-part visual concert collaboration with the classic music organization CreArtBox.

Designed as a trilogy titled "Fragile Form: I Equilibrium, II Rupture, and III Metamorphosis", the piece explores the fragility of our surroundings, defined by the intervention of action and fueled by time. Objects, emotions, and thoughts alter their destiny suddenly, switching from a complete state to a broken state in a fraction of a second. Should we find the equilibrium to avoid any change? Are we ready to modify our behavior and learn from the past? ⁠ Do we have the courage to transform ourselves and find new perspectives?

Fragile Form was created by musician and visual artist Guillermo Laporta, pianist Josefina Urraca, and multidisciplinary artist Sarah K Williams.

Musicians: violinist Emilie-Anne Gendron, ​​cellist Julia Yang, violist Mathew Cohen, pianist Josefina Urraca​, flutist Guillermo Laporta.
Performers: Nicolee Kuester, Elliot Kleinman, Katherine Patiño Miranda, Sarah Capshaw, Emma Callahan, Basil Sidibe, and Jasper Kesin

Performed at The Blue Gallery in NYC, September 2022